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Heritage Bank: John Peck

John Peck is the CEO of Heritage Bank USA. A division of HopFed Bancorp, Inc., Heritage is headquartered in Hopkinsville, Kentucky and operates offices throughout western Kentucky and middle Tennessee—three of which are located in Clarksville—in addition to a Loan Production Office in Nashville as well as Mortgage Services offices in Clarksville and Brentwood.

Throughout more than 17 years of service at Heritage, Peck has witnessed many changes in the banking industry as a whole, but he strongly believes that the tenets on which Heritage was founded more than a century ago remain rock-solid. “We’ve maintained the original dedication to neighborhood banking to which we are committed today,” Peck says. “Our early founders wanted to make sure that the working people in their community and the farmers in their rural region had access to affordable loans and could easily gain the advice and counsel of people they trusted. For years we have embraced a philosophy of being more than a bank to become a neighbor who stands ready to financially support the needs of those we serve both personally and professionally.”

Peck’s personal pride and passion have served him well in his position at Heritage, one in which he invests his whole heart, as seeing the growth of the community is his greatest reward. “There is nothing more gratifying for a banker than to see his friends and associates find their own personal and professional success and knowing that they’ve been able to help that success become achievable,” Peck says. “In my years here at Heritage, I’ve watched one success story after another take place in the many communities we serve; and I’m greatly rewarded by the scores of people that we have helped to buy a home, finance a business, or start a company. That kind of satisfaction keeps you yearning to do more for more people for as long as you can!”

For Heritage, doing more naturally means changing with the times to meet the demands of the market. But technological advancements have done nothing to detract from their foundational vision of serving their customers and creating a strong bond of trust. “In an industry fraught, of late, with mistrust and the failure of larger corporate financial institutions on a national scale, we are even more dedicated to uphold our moral integrity and fiduciary responsibility. We know that our customers deserve nothing less than our best.”

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