Altra Federal Credit Union: Rose Melton

Rose Melton is the Retail Market Manager of Clarksville, Tennessee’s branch for Altra Federal Credit Union. Serving more than 92,000 members nationwide, Altra operates two offices in Clarksville and manages over 1.2 billion dollars in assets. Having been in the financial industry since 1979 when she took her first position at a credit union, Melton has long held her passion for helping people achieve their financial goals. “The industry has changed quite significantly since I began my career, but my goals have remained the same: I want to continue to help people make a difference in their financial well-being, serve my community, be a partner in education, and stay involved in youth financial literacy programs,” says Melton, who began working at Altra in late summer of 2007. Meeting the challenges of the changing world all around it, Altra has implemented innovative ways to satisfy the diverse needs of its members and educate them on the need for wise financial practices, making itself part of the communities it serves by fully investing in their well-being and offering personalized care to build relationships with members. In Melton’s estimation, these are the very things that have so greatly contributed to the successful growth of the credit union. “Altra’s vision is ‘Helping you live your best life,’ because we realize that, if the community we live in is strong, our members will live better lives,” Melton explains. “Altra places importance on financial education for our members and for the public—especially our youth—so we offer annual seminars that teach financial life skills to the youth in our local communities, and we provide educational materials to the schools to assist teachers in the classroom,” she continues. While Altra has certainly adapted to the digital age and has newly opened a state-of-the-art branch on Wilma Rudolph Boulevard, the credit union has hardly lost sight of the importance of real-time relationships. “Our members rely on us for personalized service, and having one-on-one, face-to-face interaction is still the only true way of getting to know our members and developing those long-term connections,” Melton says. “Our employees are our greatest asset to offering that one-on-one interaction.”