AJ's 60th Birthday Party

Casey Jones Distillery in Hopkinsville was a happening place with the 60th birthday celebration of its owner Arlon Casey “AJ” Jones. Along with the tours and festivities, Alonzo Pennington and Andy Torian provided the live music during the event. Guests of all ages came to socialize, dine and dance the night away. Casey Jones Distillery is continuing the family tradition of making moonshine. Every bottle features a photo of AJ’s grandfather who had a love for this craft as well. Inside the gift shop you will find stylish items reminiscent of his grandfather’s workshop located inside. The square copper still shines brightly and reminds you of days gone by. However, you won’t have to worry about “Revenuers” for partaking of these flavorful libations. The distillery is becoming quite the event avenue for more than just tours and tastings. The grounds have a beautiful pond and dock viewed from the back door. For special occasions, you can assist in crafting and autographing your own barrel of moonshine. After the aging process, the spirits can be bottled up for your purchase along with the wooden barrel. AJ’s wife Peg Hayes says they are “helping the economy one sip at a time.” The distillery will continue to host more events with a party celebrating St. Patrick’s Day. The distillery is fortunate to be a prime viewing spot for the total solar eclipse in August of this year. For more information about Casey Jones Distillery and events please visit their website at www.caseyjonesdistillery.com.