A Dose of Education

Filling prescriptions and answering the occasional question here and there about a particular side effect or possible drug interaction isn’t the extent of Dr. Catherine Meeks’s job at Sango Pharmacy and Provisions. Rather, it’s merely the beginning, as the owner of the Clarksville-based pharmacy considers it her duty to provide the members of her community with the tools they need to better understand their health. “Being educated and learning about prevention are the keys to maintaining your wellness, and it’s essential that people are able to care for themselves properly,” Meeks says.

In an effort to equip and educate, Meeks holds regular classes at Sango covering a range of topics such as diabetes education, disease state management, health awareness, disease prevention, and proper treatment of health and body. And as the need to offer these classes has increased, so has the pharmacy’s ability to accommodate larger groups, a benefit of Sango’s recent relocation to Madison Avenue. The space expansion will also allow for an expansion in the products they offer: more health foods and supplement options, a wider variety of gifts, and simply more room to serve the needs of their customers.

Originally opening in 2013, Sango has become a trusted pharmacy in the Clarksville community, a familiar face in the midst of the Big Box chains. They place importance on personal care—and for Dr. Meeks, that meant thinking outside of the box and going back to the classroom. “We focus a great deal on diabetes prevention and management,” she says. And with good reason, as the disease is a particular concern for senior members of the community and becomes more common with age and failing health. “With the proper guidance, our senior citizens will be able to live longer and healthier lives—and seeing that is really the most rewarding part of my job.” And that, one might say, is the true prescription for success.

Sango Pharmacy & Provisions is located at 2622 Madison Street, Suite A, Clarksville, Tennessee 37043. For more information on the pharmacy or to learn more about class schedules, call (931) 919-2491 or visit www.store.healthmart.com.