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When Sparks Fly: The Audrey Vincent + Wesley Ipock Wedding

Everyone expects to see fireworks on the Fourth of July, but for Audrey Vincent and Wesley Ipock, sparks were lighting up more than the night sky when they met at a local lake on July 3, 2014. Having both recently become single, the pair was unknowingly set up by mutual friends who invited them to their lakeside festivities; and while they might not have been formally introduced, Audrey and Wesley set off fireworks right away, proving that falling in love can happen in an instant. “People are always saying that when you know, you know; but I’d never taken it seriously, and I thought that it was the silliest thing I had ever heard until I met Wesley,” Audrey says. “We were so natural from day one, and we just clicked. Of course, I noticed right away that he’s good looking, but his personality was like no one else I had ever met before. To me, he’s amazing.”

Equally amazed by Audrey, Wesley knew that he had found his perfect match and made it official by proposing just over a year after they started dating during a night out on the town in Nashville in mid-September of 2015. “Our favorite thing to do together in the fall is going to haunted houses, and we’d gone into Nashville with another couple to visit a haunted house. Afterwards, we all decided to go downtown for a while and hang out and do some karaoke. When Wesley went up onstage to sing, I went up with him so that we could dance together. All of a sudden he stopped singing and got down on one knee,” Audrey recalls. “I was a little confused at first, and then I became even more confused when I looked out and saw a surprise group of seven of our closest friends standing in the crowd around the stage all smiling up at me. It was perfect!”

Standing once again in front of smiling faces whose love and excitement could have set off a fireworks display worthy of any holiday, Audrey and Wesley exchanged vows a year later on October 8, 2016 at Burdoc Farms, where their shared love of haunted houses was swapped out for an appreciation of rustic charm. “It has that country vintage feel there, so it was the perfect place to have our perfect day,” Audrey explains.

Perfect though it might have been, not everything went off without a hitch. As Audrey walked down the aisle in a very nontraditional ivory and blush gown, her well-hidden garter decided to make an early appearance, slipping down to her ankle as her father escorted her to the altar. With one trip hazard already becoming an uninvited guest, Audrey’s father nearly took a tumble himself after he handed her off to the groom, getting all caught up in the moment—and in her dress—as he kissed her cheek and turned away. “His feet got caught in my gown, and he almost fell over!” she laughs.

After saying their I do’s and repositioning the garter the newlyweds marched carefully back down the aisle, joining their guests as they assembled for the fun at a reception in Keith Glen overlooking a lighted pond at Burdoc Farms. Having danced, dined, laughed, and cried, Audrey and Wesley tossed off both bouquet and garter before being sent off to honeymoon in Ireland. Now back home in Madisonville, the couple is looking forward to keeping their sparks flying high in a fireworks display that lasts forever.

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