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Southern Flour Bakery

Rolling out everything from peanut brittle to Barbie cakes, Christie McKinney has taken her talent for all things sugary and turned it into a business, and her sweet confections have earned her quite the following all across the South. Her custom creations make the rounds at every kind of event from retirement parties to baby showers, and her blissful bites have become a wedding day Wow. Working closely with her clients to plan their specific needs as far as type of treat, flavors, themes, and just how many will get their sweet tooth filled, McKinney flips her mixers into high gear to whip up confectionary affection.

Topping the love list are her signature sugar cookies, made from a recipe that’s been passed down through generations in her family. And while the recipe might be somewhat simple, there’s nothing ordinary about her designs, and that’s what keeps her clients addicted. “I think people love the imagination in them,” she says. “They’re unique, and one of the things that sets them apart is just how creative and fun they are.” Fun to look at, and even more fun to eat, as McKinney takes her cookie cut-outs and hand frosts them to look like everything imaginable, from reception-ready monogram designs to racy little bustiers that will spice up any lingerie party. Whatever your wish, Southern Flour Bakery has the perfect way to make your sweetest

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