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Ready for Romance: The Wedding of Melissa Lucius + Jacob Dougherty

The song they chose for their first dance might have been called “I Know She Ain’t Ready,” but Melissa Lucius and Jacob Dougherty were more than ready to step out as man and wife when their wedding day rolled around on March 26, 2016. Two years to the day from when the couple started dating after meeting at the go-kart track where Melissa worked and Jacob’s need for speed make him a raceway regular, the former Ohio natives put their romance into high gear, setting speed records when Jacob said “I do” before the pastor had even finished his words. “It was hilarious, so we all had a good laugh over that one,” Melissa recalls with a smile.

Despite the mileage placed between them when Jacob received orders to the Army base at Fort Campbell, the couple knew they were on-track for marriage and took advantage of one of her many weekend visits from Ohio to take a tour of The Tanglewood House; but Jacob firmly pulled in for the win by proposing during their walk-through of the space. “It was absolutely perfect for us,” said Melissa. “We both love simplicity, and we could really envision having our wedding there.”

Six months later, the pair took another important turn in their relationship in that very place. As Melissa stood before Jacob in a strapless ivory gown adorned in lace applique, their friends and loved ones gathered together to celebrate the new direction of their future.

With the ceremony in their rearview mirror, the newlyweds floored the fun when they joined their guests at the reception held on-site at Tanglewood. After fueling up for the festivities with juicy stuffed chicken breast, tender pulled pork, and Southern favorites like loaded mashed potatoes and corn, the bride and groom pulled a fast one by starting their first dance on the wrong song. “We had a miscommunication about when we would be doing our first dance as a married couple, so we started dancing to a song that wasn’t actually our song!” Melissa laughs. “My cousin, who had taken on the role as our DJ, handled it perfectly and played our song immediately after that, so everything worked out in the end. And neither of us minded the extended moment we shared for our ‘first’ dance.”

Foregoing a traditional tiered cake for cupcakes baked by the masters at The Sweetest Batch Cupcakery, the pair shared bites of a Red Velvet cupcake for their cake cutting while their guests bit into bliss with an assortment of icing-topped treats with fun flavors like Funky Monkey, Wedding Cake, Cookies and Cream, and traditional chocolate. “They were all delicious, and everyone absolutely loved them,” says Melissa.

With so much love—and sugar—giving them a rush, the newlyweds could easily have kept things speeding along to their honeymoon, but their plans for a getaway were put in idle by deployment, which has now been completed. Even so, they’re still headed for their Happily Ever After, having created a home together in Oak Grove.

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