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On the Front Porch of Forever: The Amanda Poole + Kyle Kondwros Wedding

Front porches are an immutable part of life in the Deep South, a place where sweet tea flows freely and lifelong friendships grow strong. And for Clarksville natives Amanda Poole and Kyle Kondwros, the front porch was where lifelong friendship became eternal love.

Having first met in junior high, the pair certainly shared a long history together, growing up alongside one another in a small town where family, friends, and community pride run high. But while life might have taken them temporarily in different directions, when Amanda and Kyle reconnected in 2010, their unexpected run-in became the jumping-off point to go from old childhood friends to grown-up sweethearts.

Over the next five years of dating, the couple took their time to cement their bond, secure in the knowledge that they had each found their other half. “Neither of us was really in a rush to get married, but we still knew that what we have would last forever,” Amanda says.

Finally proposing that they begin living out forever in late July of 2015, Kyle popped the question at the tail end of a family vacation to the beach, asking his beloved for her hand in the midst of packing to go home. “I kind of had a feeling that he was going to do it while we were away, but when he actually did it, it seemed to come out of the blue!” Amanda says with a laugh.

Nine months later on an April day that started out anything but blue, Amanda and Kyle said their I Do’s on the front porch of her great-grandmother’s farmhouse in Clarksville. “I wanted it to be something really classic and vintage, something with that sense of warmth and welcoming that comes with the country,” explains Amanda. “I didn’t want glitz and glamour, because that’s just not who we are. For us, it was important to showcase the love we share and to be surrounded by our closest family and friends.”

And surrounded they were, as loved ones gathered together under gray and drizzly skies to watch them exchange their vows. “It rained all morning, but I was oddly at ease, and I just didn’t let it stress me. Somehow, I knew in my heart it was going to all work out, and it actually did. By the time it came for me to walk down the aisle, the rain had stopped.” The rain might have stopped, but the excitement had apparently reached the tipping point for Amanda, who got a little hot under the portrait color of her ivory ruched bodice gown and jumped the gun by kissing Kyle before the officiant gave the green light. “I was so excited, I honestly didn’t even realize what I’d done!,” she laughs.

Having finally made it official, the couple dodged a shower of colored confetti being tossed by their guests as they took their march back down the aisle, their ears still ringing with the sound an air horn that Kyle’s mother had unexpectedly blasted after they’d been pronounced man and wife. Trading in one blast for another, Kyle and Amanda joined their guests to celebrate at the Sango Event Center, where everyone feasted on an array of tasty barbecue made by Kyle’s uncle that paired up perfectly with the Southern comfort favorites catered by Taste Buds. Showing off their saucy side, they gave out bottles of barbecue sauce made from Kyle’s grandfather’s secret recipe, labeling each with the message: “Thanks for spicing up our special day!”

Balancing out the spice with some sweetnesss, Kyle and Amanda cut into an elegant white cake adorned with yellow and white flowers before heading off to their honeymoon in Aruba. “I would sum up our wedding day by saying it was imperfectly perfect,” Amanda says. “I absolutely loved everything about it, mishaps and all!” Now back at home in Clarksville, the newly married couple is looking forward to see what else forever holds in store…

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