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New Year's Eve at The Silo

It’s heartbreaking to see a child go through medical issues of any kind; and for three-year-old Clara Gilliam of Hopkinsville, life has been full of struggles that would test the mettle of even the strongest grown-up. Diagnosed at 11 weeks old with a rare genetic seizure disorder called Aicardi Syndrome, Clara’s complicated medical history became even more heart wrenching in late 2015 when she was diagnosed with cancer that spread from the base of her spine into her lungs. As Clara battles through this insidious disease, she still glows with the light of child-like joy; and in hopes of keeping that joy and light burning strong, the city of Hopkinsville came together for a New Year’s Eve fundraiser held at The Silo Event Center in Clara’s honor. As ticket holders turned out in their best black tie attire, they toasted, feasted, and danced the night away, raising $6100 in donations to help fund Clara’s treatment. And when midnight struck, glasses were held high in hopes that 2017 would be a year full of blessings for a little girl whose life is an example to celebrate every moment.

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