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Fields of Forever: The Wedding of Alli Alberhasky + Lee Shov

Alli Alberhasky may have been someone else’s date when she met Lee Skov in May 2011 on her way to the senior ring dance at the United States Naval Academy, but the minute the Louisville native saw the Texas farm boy in his Navy dress uniform, her heart was Lonestar struck in love. Lucky for Alli, Lee had cottoned on, as well, and the seeds of romance were ready to grow.

As he finished his time at the Naval Academy, Lee and Alli had to take their relationship digital, Facetiming and Skyping constantly to keep their relationship in real-time. “The distance was hard, but we never had a doubt that we would be together forever,” says Alli. Naturally enough, the long-distance lovebirds took every opportunity they could to spend time face-to-face, taking turns visiting and obsessively counting down the days until they’d see each other again. Mercifully enough, their separation ended after two years, and Lee was moved to Alabama and joined Alli in attending school at the University of South Alabama.

Having spent so much time apart, the couple became nearly inseparable, their love taking even greater root over the next few years as they continued to date. Knowing that the field they’d planted was finally ready for harvest, Lee asked Alli to marry him in January of 2015, taking her on a walk that she will remember forever. “My favorite place to be when we lived in Alabama was the University of South Alabama Glenn Sebastian Nature Trail, and I loved going there to walk the trails with Lee and our pit bull Diesel. Lee had come back early from a trip home to his family in Texas, and he asked me to go on a hike with him,” Alli recalls. “One of the paths that we’d always walk at the end breaks open to a gorgeous open field, and when we got there, he showed me a new toy he’d just bought for Diesel. He put it on Diesel’s nose for a trick that they do, and he told me to get it on camera. When we switched so that I could try the trick with Diesel, Lee told me to open the toy, and there was a ring in it!”

Just over eighteen months later on August 27, 2016, Alli took another unforgettable walk as she went down the aisle at Burdoc Farms to join Lee, wearing a vintage-inspired champagne dress over boots that were made for marrying the man of her dreams. “Lee and I both had a pair of boots custom made in El Paso for the wedding—mine, with the wedding date stitched into the sides and hearts in place of the dashes on the pull-straps while Lee’s boots have SF cut into the skin at the stop for Skov Family Farms, where Lee works as a fifth generation farmer on his family’s farm,” Alli explains. Standing toe to toe, boot to boot, heart to heart, Alli and Lee exchanged vows as their family and friends looked on, ready to plant seeds in the field of forever.

Later joining their loved ones to celebrate in Burdoc’s converted tobacco barn, the newlyweds dined on a spread worthy of a hat-tip from Texas, feasting on Lonestar state favorites like tender pulled pork, sausage, and brisket—all perfect for sidling up alongside hearty delights like mac and cheese, green beans, and coleslaw. After setting their boots to work on the dance floor, the duo sliced into a three-tiered masterpiece of red-velvet and strawberry cakes filled with decadent cream cheese before two-stepping it off to start their new life together.

Now back in El Paso, Alli and Lee are looking forward to honeymooning in Santorini, Greece.

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