Walk to End Alzheimers

There’s a tide of purple that floods the nation every year, flowing into the streets of communities all over the country who have suited up and put on their walking shoes to take a trek toward reaching their ultimate goal: Finding a cure for Alzheimer’s Disease. It’s a heartbreaking illness, one that robs its victims of their memories and their independence. It dulls the minds of those once so sharp and bright, stripping away until the people left in its wake seem but shadows of the individuals they once were, strangers to themselves who find no balance in a world that is no longer one they know or understand.

Even as it causes so much damage to those diagnosed with the disease, Alzheimer’s also affects the lives of their friends and family members. These are the individuals who must stand in support, walking beside men and women who are unable to care for themselves, encouraging them and loving them even when things are at their darkest. These are the fighters who face the challenge by proxy. And every year as the Walk to End Alzheimer’s gathers its swelling crowds, they prepare to flood the nation with a reminder that the challenge isn’t over yet; and that their efforts are hardly at an ebb.

Clarksville’s own tide took to the streets on October 1, 2016, gathering 700 participants and 100 volunteers at Liberty Park. “This event is so important because it not only helps raise funds, but it also brings a sense of togetherness for anyone going through this disease and their family members,” says Fatemeh Moini, Manager of Development and Corporate Initiatives at the Mid South Chapter Alzheimer’s Association. Raising more than $46,600, the event surpassed its initial goal of $35,000; but just because the Walk is over, it hardly means that donations aren’t still needed.

For more information on ways to donate or get support, call (800) 272-3900 or visit www.alz.org.