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Truckin' Tasty: Good Eats Food Truck

Food trucks have seen an explosive boom in popularity over recent years, setting up shop alongside busy city streets and areas where foot traffic means visibility, wheeling out their wares and hawking food that they hope will get people’s engines going. Trends aside, however, when Mike and Josie Cassady formed their own food truck company, it wasn’t a decision based solely on the hip-factor of food trucking. Instead, the former military couple saw it as an opportunity to do something they’d always dreamed of doing, without having the risk of choosing a location that might fail them.

Fortunately for the enterprising couple, the literal mobility of their truck has served them well in contributing to their upward mobility as a popular presence in the Clarksville area; and now, after three years of rolling out some of the tastiest plates of internationally inspired food you can find anywhere, Josie and Mike have made their Good Eats truck a business worth following.

Steering themselves toward continual success, Good Eats offers cuisine based largely on Josie’s Fillipino heritage as well as the cultural fare of such countries as Japan, Germany, Greece, and Ireland, though American classics do enjoy their own place on the truck’s menu board. Nearly everything made in the confines of their tiny kitchen is made from scratch, lovingly prepared by Josie, whose skills at the stove have been the secret sauce to Good Eats undeniable popularity. “Josie has such a passion for cooking, and it really shows in the food that she makes,” says Mike, who, by his own admission, is not allowed in the kitchen unsupervised. “I couldn’t burn toast if I tried!” he laughs.

All joking aside, the couple is obviously doing something right, as they have gained a cult following of ravenous truck-trackers in the Clarksville area. Among their most popular items are the sweetly satisfying Banana Eggrolls, their flavor-filled Lumpia, tangles of Pancit noodles, ooey gooey piles of Nacho Fries, and the savory spice and tender meatiness of the Cilantro Garlic Chicken Wrap. “I think my personal favorite thing on our menu would have to be the Banana Eggrolls,” says Mike. “What better way could there possibly be than to eat fruit than rolling it in an eggroll wrapper, deep frying it, and then sprinkling it with powdered sugar and topping it all off with whipped cream and chocolate or caramel syrup?”

What better way, indeed? Judging by the growth of Good Eats’ customer base, Mike’s not the only one who’s bananas for those bananas. But Josie’s cooking abilities are multifaceted, and one of the ways they shine their brightest are in the sauces she makes from scratch. They’re downright addictive—good enough to be bottled, in fact. And they are. Good Eats offers eight of Josie’s flavorful sauces in eight ounce jars, selling them around town wherever they park the truck and tempting buyers who see the brightly colored jars and know—after one taste—that they’ll be hooked for life.

Along with three other area food trucks, Good Eats formed the Clarksville Food Truck Association in 2014, which now counts six trucks in its membership. “We all saw it as a way to help grow and promote the industry locally, and we hold our members to really high standards that help us maintain our quality,” says Mike, who currently serves as President of the Association. “Being part of the CFTA holds us accountable to comply with all health, safety, and business standards that bring us, as independent owners, a certain amount of respect within the business community; and that’s extremely important.”

Their food may fuel the people of Clarksville, but the people of Clarksville also fuel them—and as they put their truck in park to begin serving their customers each day, Mike and Josie feel their passion ignited with every plate of food they hand to a hungry diner, knowing that they’re living their dream…and that’s truly something that keeps their tanks filled.

For more information on Good Eats, call (931) 217-1185 or follow them on Facebook at

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