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Labels in Lights

Art Link, a free Co-op for children of all ages in Clarksville, TN hosted the 5th Annual Fashion & Art Show on October 1. The band, Happy Incident, kicked off the night with live entertainment with a rock style music that got everyone ready for a great show. Throughout the night people could check out the vendors, socialize, eat, and enjoy the fashion show. Local volunteers who love fashion were able to show off designer’s clothes as they strutted down the runway. This provided people the chance to show off their work. It took a whole community to put this together with lots of vendors, artists, and volunteers. Art Link aims to ignite passion and build character through creativity.

Their goal is to provide an opportunity for people to share and volunteer to express their love for art and fashion. The show provided many opportunities for the community to have a great night. There were local vendors selling kitchen supplies, makeup, clothes, homemade jewelry, art, etc. It was a space provided for people to enjoy food, music and fashion, what more could you ask for?

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