Hungry to Help: Loaves & Fishes

We’ve all heard the story of how Jesus used five meager loaves of bread and two fish to feed the five thousand, and it’s a miracle that still astounds and inspires us. So representational is it in the ways that it illustrates how even the smallest things can have such an impact that it motivates individuals and communities all over the world to use their own “loaves and fishes” to make a difference. It was those very loaves and fishes, in fact, that stirred a few compassionate and faith-filled ladies from Trinity Episcopal Church to begin serving soup to the needy souls of Clarksville in 1983, soon growing their mission of outreach from a Wednesday ladling of love to a daily lunch that would nourish the many hungry members of the community. Partnering up with other like-minded volunteers from First Presbyterian Church, Immaculate Conception Catholic Church, and Madison Street United Methodist, an organization took shape, shedding denominational divisions to unite as Loaves and Fishes, focusing their hands and hearts on the common goal of feeding their very own “five thousand.”