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2nd Annual Pink Empowerment & Tree Trimming Reception

The Distinguished Steppers Unlimited team hosted their 2nd Annual Pink Empowerment Event for Breast Cancer Awareness at the Burt-Cobb Recreation Center October 1. The event is to help bring awareness to Breast Cancer and be a source of support to those who have survived Breast Cancer or lost someone due to it.

The event kicked off with a visual reminder of the importance of breast health and early detection. Ladies and gentlemen were dressed in pink to show their support. The highlight of this event is the tree trimming. This is where they have a Christmas Tree decorated out in all pink and end with a special topping of the tree to recognize all of the many breast cancer survivors. This year they also had a display at the Kleenman Recreation Center. This allowed two different locations for community members to gather, gain information, and share. This idea they hope will be expanded throughout the holiday season and trees can be decorated in order to support all different forms of cancer.

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