Daymar College held their inaugural Fall-a-Palooza fundraising event Saturday, September 17 for Operation Stand Down.

Operation Stand Down is the only veteran service center recognized by the US Department of Veterans Affairs in Tennessee. They provide a wide range of services that support veterans and their families throughout the state at no cost to the families.

The free event was open to the public and offered entertainment for the whole family. As well as inflatables for the kids, food trucks lined the parking lot, Clarksville Zombie Hunters dressed for the occasion, Ironglide played a live show and Tried-N-True Pro Wrestling brought several big name wrestlers to the area.

Several booths were set up to share information about Daymar’s programs, financial aid and scholarship availability. Daymar faculty were introducing themselves and offered tours of the campus.

An estimated 200-300 people attended the event and Daymar College signed up at least one new student according to Damon Jennings, Daymar’s community relations specialist.

“I know we raised at least $550 because that’s what it took for me to get body slammed by Crimson,” Jennings said. The total amount raised is still undetermined.

One of the big headliners for the event was Clarksville’s own professional wrestler, Anthony Mayweather, also known as “Crimson”. WWE Intercontinental Champion, Jeff Jarrett also attended the event.

Crimson was in the 101st Airborne Division and served two tours in Iraq. It was during his second tour that he decided to pursue a career in professional wrestling. He trained with Jeff Daniels at the NWA Main Event Wrestling School in Clarksville and made his professional debut in 2007.

Kids lined the rails and watched intently when Crimson took the stage, some holding “I Love Crimson,” banners. The wrestlers were interactive with their fans, pumping up the atmosphere while the crowed shouted jeers and support for their favorite wrestler.

For more information about Daymar College, visit www.daymarcollege.edu or call (931) 552-7600.