Caddy's Holiday Opening

The holidays are right around the corner, and one liquor store is getting a jump-start on the busy season.

Caddy’s Discount Liquors hosted a holiday kick-off event in their new location on Madison Street. They recently moved to their bigger home on June 3.

The holiday opening offered special pricing on wine and a wine tasting. New displays held assortments of party supplies, mixes and a variety of LipLidz drinking glasses. They stock several Candid Candles for any type of cake and baskets overflowing with colorful mini bottles.

The staff at Caddy’s personally tastes and approves every bottle on their floor. To ensure freshness in all of their stock, they are constantly receiving new shipments.

Once a month Caddy’s opens an assortment of bottles to educate their staff and maintain the quality of service offered at their store. Their competitive pricing isn’t just on their liquor and wines. Craft beer, Bongo Java coffee and cigars are among their large inventory.

Their comprehensive website is informative with perfect pairings, photos and descriptions. They delve into the details on reds, whites and organics with a sweet to dry graphic using images of wines they offer, listing the different types of liquors that can be found in their store as well as new arrivals and specials.

More information can be found by at their website or call the store directly at (931) 905-1880.

Caddy’s Discount Liquors is open Monday through Saturday from 8 a.m. – 10 p.m. and can be found at 1960 Madison St.