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80's-90's 5K Run

Jumpsuits, bright neon colors, leg warmers and vivid leggings took over the new Google location this past month.

Google and USO Fort Campbell hosted an 80’s – 90’s themed 5k run on Saturday,

Everything good from the 80s and 90s era could be seen running down Solar Way.

The small, colorful crowd felt larger than life with their parachute pants, big hoop earrings and acid washed jeans that had been a staple in years past. Runners got to dig deep in their closets to pull out stylish getups for a fun evening with friends and family. Everyone was encouraged to run, walk or even dance through the course.

The most totally tubular event to ever hit Clarksville was only enhanced by booming loudspeakers of Q108 and Rewind 94.3. The local stations played hits by Michael Jackson, Queen, Pink Floyd and several other nostalgic tunes of years past. Several young runners warmed up for the race by getting down to the stellar music.

Each runner was given a “wicked awesome” headband with their entry as well as a free beer and an invite to the after party costume contest.

Google volunteers helped support the event with stations set along the route. Volunteers handed out water, Gatorade and snacks during the race to keep the runners energized and hydrated.

Google also supported the USO Fort Campbell/Nashville centers with a $5,000 sponsorship.

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