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There’s a certain natural charm that draws people to Chip and Joanna Gaines like bees to honey, an unstudied sense of ease, a relatability that translates through the television screen as though they are right in front of you standing in your living room rather than many miles away in their beloved town of Waco, Texas. It is precisely these characteristics that have given them such a following and made their success so explosive. For three seasons and counting, millions of people all over the country and all over the world have welcomed Chip and Joanna into their homes every week, anxiously awaiting the big reveal of their very next Fixer Upper as they take hopeless houses in the Waco area and work their magic, transforming them into stunning homes that will be treasured for years to come.

As a peek into Chip and Joanna’s backstory would reveal, the home renovation and design business was largely Joanna’s dream. But the Gaines are, as is so readily apparent in every episode of their HGTV hit show Fixer Upper, a united front, a true team; and Chip encouraged that dream to go from a seedling in Joanna’s heart to a fully-blooming flower. The couple now owns and operates Magnolia Homes, a construction company focused on “making Waco beautiful, one house at a time,” as Joanna says; Magnolia Realty; and Magnolia Market, the charming downtown shop that sells a wide variety of lifestyle products including beautiful home décor, gardening accessories, clothing, jewelry, and even paint, all carefully curated by Joanna herself.

But the list hardly stops there. Earlier this year, another bud on the magnolia tree burst into bloom with the launch of Magnolia Home, a line of home furnishings personally designed by Joanna exclusively for Rooms for Less. And as a way to offer their own warm-hearted Texas welcome to visitors, Chip and Joanna opened Magnolia House. The now-gorgeous bed and breakfast could be considered the result of a happy accident, an breakfast could be considered the result of a happy accident, an architectural diamond-in-the-rough that they found during a house hunt for one of their clients—clients who ultimately took a pass on the dauntingly dilapidated property.

To say the Gaines’ life seems somewhat idyllic might be an understatement. They live on an expansive farm in Waco, raising their four beautiful children in a home that reflects Joanna’s innate eye for design and Chip’s building skills and have built a successful business empire from the ground up. But they never seem to lose sight of their roots, staying grounded in their faith, their family, and their love for the community. They are truly seen could largely be credited not only to her undeniable eye for beauty, but also to our personal desires to inject that happy charm into our own homes.

Of course, we all know that reality television doesn’t show full reality. Once the cameras are turned off and the walls are stripped to their barest bones, the true problems are brought to light; and so we all wonder what might be behind Chip and Joanna’s walls. In the pages of The Magnolia Story, the couple offers up their truths, revealing the flaws that we don’t see from the other side of the TV screen to show us that—even when things might seem at their very worst—there is still a beautiful framework that can be built back up again and that a firm foundation can give us all a starting point to begin afresh.

“Without even trying to do so, Chip and Joanna Gaines have become extremely popular based on the proven formula of authenticity, humility, and personality,” says Senior Vice President and Publisher of W Publishing Group Matt Baugher. “They never imagined that all of this would take off as it has. Their story is as inspiring as it is entertaining…and the number one question that I get is whether or not they are the same off-camera as they are on their show,” he continues. “The answer is a resounding yes. May we all be fixer uppers!”

As we turn the pages of The Magnolia Story and watch each Fixer Upper come to completion, we get to know the enchanting couple even more, sharing in their celebrations and their frustrations, their successes and their struggles. They become a part of our world and welcome us into theirs, showing us that beauty is all around and that there are gifts in life to uncover, even in those most hidden of places when things seem beyond hope. We are all, in our own individual ways, “fixer uppers;” but even in our flaws, we are unique souls worth infinite value.

For more information on Chip and Joanna Gaines and all things Magnolia, visit Copies of The Magnolia Story are available online through,,, iBooks, and retailers including Walmart, Family Christian Bookstores, LifeWay, Books-A-Million, and Mardel.

Want to take a trip to Magnolia Market at the Silos for yourself? This great little shopping and dining hub is located at 601 Webster Avenue, Waco, Texas 76706. Open Monday-Saturday, 9:00 a.m.- 6:00 p.m. Call (254) 235-0603 to check in on some of the latest events and upcoming sales.

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