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May We Suggest: Made South

Sixty-five miles South of Clarksville, TN lies the small town of Franklin. “Rooted in Americana” & known for its Southern charm, this hospitable town is home to some of the most loved eateries, speciality shops & boutiques in Tennessee. Franklin is also home to the MADE SOUTH Holiday Market.

When MADE SOUTH Founder and Nashville native, Chris Thomas, lost his mother in 2011 he began to explore his Southern roots by researching his family’s heritage. This life-alterring decision for the Thomas family led to a new business that would allow makers & artisans from all corners of the South to share their stories, creativity and products.

The MADE SOUTH Holiday Market will take place this year on Friday, November 20 from 12-7pm and on Saturday, November 21 from 9-6pm at The Factory in Franklin. Those interested in celebrating the best in Southern creativity and hospitality are welcome!

But, that Southern hospitality that Franklin, TN is known for doesn’t stop there! Early shopping at the market is offered, with over 130 vendors to meet in a beautiful and intimate setting.

Visitors will enjoy declicious appetizers, created by Springer Mountain Farms Chefs, complimentary cocktails, local beers and Southern distiller tastings!

Live music will keep you entertained as you shop jewelry, fall fashion, skin care, tasty treats, and... home decor! That’s right! Nothing says “fall” like a little Southern style for your home!

We had a chance to speak with Chris Thomas this week about the upcoming event and the makers you won’t want to miss! So if you are searching for that eye-catching mantle piece this season, I’ll see YOU at MADE SOUTH!

“Goods for the home is one of my favorite categories at our events,” Chris told us. “I think because so many talented makers and artisans are creating such wonderful things in that space. At MADE SOUTH Holiday Market you’ll find a whole bunch of fun things to help you create a warm and welcoming home just loaded with Southern hospitatlity.”

1767 Designs

Reclaimed nashville wood, crafted into southern inspired patterns.

McQueen Pottery

Clean, classic & timeless table pieces.

Needle & Grain

Textile home goods steeped in family tradition & contemporary design.

Flannel & Floral

Alabama goods created by hand and heart.

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