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Power Breakfast with Jeff Coker

The Chamber of Commerce introduced Greg Coker at their September 20 Power Breakfast. Breakfast was served early Tuesday morning in the hotel basement conference room.

Coker, a former corporate executive, spoke on soft skills in the workplace. He has over 25 years experience as a senior level executive with three different fortune 500 companies. While there he led the training and development of over 80,000 employees.

He’s the author of Soft Skills Field Manuel: The Unwritten Rules for Succeeding in the Workplace, Building Cathedrals: The Power of Purpose and Moving the Needle: Appreciate, Activate and Rehabilitate. His soft skills workshop guarantees a boost of employee effectiveness while increasing company productivity, retention and customer satisfaction.

Coker defines soft skills as a blend of credibility, liability and authenticity as well as the technical skills, communication, problem solving, customer service, teamwork and conflict resolution. He believes today’s employees are technically competent but lacking in those soft skills. Coker stated employees leave school knowing “things” but not “people,” believing they’re good at the “what” but lacking in the “who.”

The Power Breakfast was hosted by the Industrial Development Board and the Chamber of Commerce. Power Breakfasts are one of several networking, educational events often offered by the Clarksville Area Chamber of Commerce. For more information about upcoming programs or membership, visit

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