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#MagMedia Q&A

How much as #MagMedia grown?

Answer: On average, magazine readership has grown by 6.2% since 2015.


How is word-of-mouth when it comes to #MagMedia growth?

Answer: Devoted magazine readers have more BFFs than TV or radio users, spreading their ideas over a wide circle.

How do we know print magazines work?

Answer: Reading on paper is slower & deeper; it is proved than paper/magazine readers remember more.

Paper Based Reading Equals...

  • Higher comprehension & recall

  • Stimulates emotions & desires

  • Slower, deeper reading speeds

  • Preferred by majority (including millennials)

  • More focused attention

  • Less distraction

By the numbers...

  • 90% of American adults have read a magazine in the past six months

  • Print magazines are #1 in reaching affluent, influential customers

  • 61% of readers are inspired to take action after seeing a magazine print ad

Let's get tweeting!

  • Net audience for #print & #digital magazines continues to grow.​

  • The total number of adults who read #digital edition magazines has grown rapidly since 2011.

  • Print magazines are more balanced across generations than other media, including internet, TV, radio & newspapers.

  • Households with incomes of $150K+ are drawn to #magazines.

  • Magazines show the highest return on advertising spending.

  • Advertising in print in combination with other media adds substantially to brand awareness.

  • The top 25 #print #magazines reach more adults & teens than the top 25 primetime shows.

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